Turn your spreadsheets into applications

Spreadsheets (Excel, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, ...) are usefull for one person alone.
When more co workers must collaborate on them, spreadsheets become a nightmare: they cannot be changed on the fly, by multiple people at the same time, or on business trip.

With a simple, user friendly web app, all your co workers can share centralized informations, always up to date, available anywhere on any device (PC, tablets, smartphones, ...).

Evolica spreadsheet allows to transform all your Excel files into a web application with all your data.

ISKernel présente Evolica Tableur

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Découvrez votre nouvelle application web

ISKernel Company

Transformez vos Excel en application web - démonstration technique

ISKernel Company
Available on any device

Multiple access

Accessible 24/7

Intelligent modifications tracking

You are just 5 steps away from your dream result

Step 1

Prepare your excel file

Step 2

Import your file and fill in application name, logo and colors.

Step 3

Map the entities and fields you want to import into your application.

Step 4

Grab a cup of coffee while your application is beeing generated.

Step 5

Your web application is online and ready to use