Create your own applications based on the ISKernel Core platform

A specialized web platform to create quickly and easily your business applications
  • By the time you have a coffee, create an application
  • A unique platform for all of your applications
  • 100% web solution
  • A robust and stable technology

Intuitive usage

With ISKernel Core platform, only 3 steps are needed to create incredible web applications.... and no need for development.

Data consolidation

To be relevant, an application needs to communicate with all of your existing information system. The ISKernel Core platform enables you to interface itself with a growing number of applications, and allows you to consolidate your data across many systems.
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360 open architecture


Data integration

Integrate data from other data sources and get consolidated views of all your data.


Business rules management

Define your business rules and data access policy, just throug our parametrization interface.


Data analysis

Consolidate and analyse all your data across systems with powerfull dashboards.


Application publication

Your business applications are published and updated effortlessly for a better user experience. This limits the maintenance workload for your applications.

Great user experience

With the ISKernel Core platform, applications are compatible with all of your devices.
With a consistent user interface, collaborators are trained more easily.
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From idea to innovation
in just a few minutes

Controlled maintenance costs
by limiting the amout of code

Always up to date
with live update deployments

Mobile and responsive
for every device