If you want an application to be efficient, it must fit the way you do your daily job.
A developped application is a tool, and we make it as simple as possible.

ISKernel is a company specialized in custom and interactively built business web applications and within minutes.
Our solutions field of application is limitless, here are a few examples.
Flexible and customized implementation

Controlled timeframes

Fast development

Evolutive platform

Our methodology


We approach your projects by:
  • A careful audit of our client need
  • Splitting the project into small "functional chunks" to implement. This allows us to better manage the overall project.
Each activity if part of a 2 weeks workshop. Every two weeks, a new functionality is available to our client and the methods ensures it is complemetely inline with the real need.

Workshop definition

With an iterative, incremental and adaptative development cycle, we ensure a pragmatic anwser to your need while keeping a complete and continuous possibility to react to always changing requirements from your users. We focus on realizing a truly functional and user friendly software product, with a low price and and a small delay.
You are just 5 steps away from your dream result

Step 1

Interview aimed at defining your project

Step 2

Create your web application and integrate your visual elements (logo, colors) and navigation.

Step 3

Definition of the technical entities and fields you need to manage. This definition is done interactively.
Your own business rules are then defined and added.

Step 4

Integrate your user logins and add security and access control.

Step 5

Your custom application is ready to be used by everyone.