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How it started

With over 20 years experience in application implementation, ISKernel founders have come across the same problem at our clients: Implementing a piece of software means for a company making a choice between:
  • Creating (develop) a specific application, built from scratch and designed the way the company wants it, with a complex and expensive maintenance and evolution plan to follow,
  • Buy "off the shelve" an existing application, built from a theorical model, and have it adapted (when possible) or adapt themselve to the tool.
ISKernel is at the crossroad between custom application development.

To meet this challenge we have created a unique vision combining a methodology as well as a unique technical framework.

Our motto: Creating computer solutions that fit.

Our concept

The ISKernel platform is the best combination between custom made software and packaged applications
  • A robust technical platform, hosted by the software developper, with a fully industrial and secured environment
  • A full-web solution, custom built, to fit your exact need
We focus on :
  • Securing you personal or company data : our "Privacy by design" approch ensure your data are isolated in a dedicated independant database.
  • Improving the way your applications work over time, by providing hosted solution.
  • Ensuring a real partnership experience, with a single provider to have your project and its evolutions supported
Software solutions made simple...

Le Lowcode

The "Lowcode" concept aims to reduce the work amount of development, by simply combining existing powerful and robust components. With a minimum of source code writing, the effort is focused on the business and usability side of applications. Errors are diminished and the application implementation becomes faster.
ISKernel platform allows to find business application, quickly with a low development overhead.
"Low code" platforms empowers your user by including them in the application creation process. That's why the co-creation process is an integral part of the ISKernel Core platform.

ISKernel Core

The ISKernel platform is divided into 3 main parts :

The "DarkOffice" : this is the set-up and customization interface. This is whrer applications are built and set-up. Application creation is reduced to defining entities (fields, business rules, forms, ...), access rights and security, and defining the visusal outlook of the application as it will be created in the BackOffice by users.

The "BackOffice" : is the result of the created application for users : this includes built-in search engines, graphs, forms. Users can also input their comments and evolution requests to keep up-to-date with their always evolving needs.

The "FrontOffice" : this interface is dedicated to end users, who need an occasional access or that are external to the company : it contains specific pages (portal, home page, ...), sharing BackOffice data.

Our partners

Hosting solutions

Our offers are available in Europe based datacenters (France, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany).
To ensure security and confidentiality of your data, each hosting instance is composed of a dedicated web service and database for each client. Data is saved every 15 minutes and hosted in european datacenters ISO 22301, 27001, 27017 and 27018 certified.

Why choose us :

Our web solution is custom built and fits your business the way you see it. Every change is directly implemented and can be used on any device (smartphones, tablets, PCs, ...).
Fast implementation

Low code platform

Time to market